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Looking for a personal and unique present?  For yourself or someone special who also loves alpacas?


See below which alpaca you would like to adopt, maybe you have visited the farm and gained a bond with one of our boys or you want to pass on this gift to someone else.


The adoption package lasts for 12 months and you can set the start date to coincide with a special date i.e. birthday.


Your adoption includes:


  • A certificate of adoption

  • An info sheet about your alpaca with a photo and some of their fleece

  • A book about alpacas – (adult or children)

  • An emailed quarterly update with info about your alpaca

All the money from our adoption package is used to care for our alpacas on things like feed, medicines and specialist help when needed.





Luther is the oldest alpaca by a month. He is the “alpha male” of the group and bosses the other two around sometimes.


Luther likes to lead the herd on walks and he loves a good neck rub.



Winston is the fluffiest of the boys, his fleece is really thick and deep enough to sink your hands in.


He is the middle alpaca and can be cheeky, he loves to eat treats out of hands



Nelson is the youngest and smallest of the alpacas. He has a slightly darker face than Winston, when they are both fluffy, this is the only way we can tell them apart.


He has an attitude sometimes and gives Luther a run for his money as leader of the pack.


Our alpacas work as a gang. They are herd animals and do not like to be left alone. The minimum number of Alpacas that can be booked per walk is TWO. The maximum is THREE. Alpacas are friendly animals who have a natural curiosity. They are nervous creatures and can be startled easily so we try and minimise loud noises and quick movement. The alpacas do not like to be drowned in rain - so the experience can be weather dependent

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