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Naze View Farm would like to introduce our latest editions – Stan and Ollie.

Stan and Ollie are Valais Blacknose Sheep and are officially classed as the cutest sheep in the world – and we have to say we agree with that statement.

The Valais Blacknose sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from Switzerland. It was actually originated in the Valais region of Switzerland.  They enjoy interacting with humans and make great pets.

Stan and Ollie joined us at the farm in March 21 at just a few weeks old. They have been bottle fed and are very friendly indeed. Our spaniel puppy plays with them and joins them in their pen and they follow us around the farm whilst we are doing our chores. We absolutely love this breed of sheep and we are looking to expand the herd and are bringing Grace, a two year old Ewe,  to join them soon and starting a breeding programme – so watch this space for more of the worlds cutest sheep.

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