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Have you ever wanted to walk an alpaca, or cuddle and feed one? Do you want to know more about these wonderful animals? Well this is the experience for you. 

We want our guests to arrive with a curious mind and a wish to meet our alpacas. Group sizes are small, (the price per booking is for up to six people) so you will have a more intimate experience which will allow you some time to bond with your new alpaca friend. You will arrive at the farm, enjoy the wonderful views of the Peak District Hills and Combes Reservoir. We will make sure you are refreshed before giving a short talk on the Alpacas;
* how to keep you and your Alpaca safe during the walk
* how to put your Alpaca at ease and gain the most from your experience.
* the care and husbandry tasks that we provide for our alpacas
Whilst we are talking to you, we will match you to the Alpaca which would suit you best. We will then collect "the boys" and go for a walk around our farm – 
this will be through wooded areas and fields and we will stop along the way to allow you time to pet the Alpacas, get to know them and have some photo opportunities. 

You will be able to feel some of their fleece, hand feed them treats and if you wish you can collect some alpaca poop to make some "fertiliser tea" once you return home to help your garden grow! 

You will leave the experience with increased knowledge about these wonderful animals and benefit from some time in their company. The experience lasts approximately 90 minutes.


Please check in the finer details for more information – we can tailor any visit to suit guest needs – we can also host larger parties of people for special events.  Just call and discuss your needs and wishes with us.




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